FCA Awards of Distinction

Marilyn Simpson Ford Distinguished Service Award

The Marilyn Simpson Ford Distinguished Service Award honors one who has diligently worked to advance the Association’s Vision and Purpose.


If you would like to nominate someone for this award, contact the FCA Awards Chairman, Andrea Starks-Corbin, at andrea@afa1976.org or 970-797-4360 x105, before Thursday, March 1, 2018.

Evin C. Varner, Jr. Fraternal Communications Award

As the Grand Senior President of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity and President of the College Fraternity Editors Association (CFEA), now the Fraternity Communications Association (FCA), Evin Varner led both organizations to enhanced programs. He was a leader and speaker in many interfraternal programs and won many awards as editor of his fraternity’s magazine, The Tomahawk. He achieved all this while compiling a distinguished career in communications, marketing, and public relations. He was the first recipient of the award, shortly before his death in 1985.

Evin always had time for those who sought his counsel, and he easily shared his sense of mission. He was an innovator, a doer and above all, a friend. He influenced others’ appreciation of the role of the fraternal communicator and the effectiveness of interfraternal cooperation. It is this spirit—the outreach of caring and sharing, as well as communicating and achieving—that the Evin C. Varner, Jr. Fraternal Communications Award memorializes, recognizes, and inspires others.

The nominee must be a member of an FCA organization, but need not be a member of the nominating organization. Over a period of years with notable efforts and results, the Varner Award nominee should have communicated the meaning of “fraternity” through working for his or her fraternity. He/she should also have demonstrated sincere and credible leadership and service to the Greek-letter system.

NOMINATION MATERIALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY March 1, 2018. Applications for those nominated but not selected in 2017 will automatically be reconsidered for the 2018 award. Submit nomination materials to fca1923@gmail.com.

You may nominate a candidate online by completing the form on the Awards Application website (under Awards of Distinction).
In addition to this online form, all supporting documentation must be emailed to the FCA Awards Committee Chairman Phil Aiello at fca1923awards@gmail.com  or (615) 921-2316.
 by March 1, 2018.


1985 Evin C. Varner, Jr., Alpha Sigma Phi
1986 Betty M. Jones, Alpha Phi
1987 Barbara J. Tootle, Pi Beta Phi
1988 Tozier Brown, Lambda Chi Alpha
1989 Fred F. Yoder, Sigma Chi
1990 William D. Krahling, Alpha Tau Omega
1991 Marilyn S. Ford, Pi Beta Phi
1992 George W. Spasyk, Lambda Chi Alpha
1993 James E. Greer, Jr., Zeta Beta Tau
1994 Durward Owen, Pi Kappa Phi
1995 Kris B. Riske, Gamma Phi Beta
1996 Edward M. King, Sigma Chi
1997 William D. Jenkins, Phi Kappa Tau
1998 Jean W. Scott, Pi Beta Phi
1999 Kirk Hassell, Chi Omega
2000 George S. Toll, Alpha Epsilon Pi
2001 William C. Schilling, Delta Sigma Pi
2002 Dr. Thomas Goodale, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
2003 Philip Josephson, Alpha Kappa Rho
2004 Marian Williams, Kappa Kappa Gamma
2005 Sidney Dunn, Alpha Epsilon Pi
2006 Bob Off, Farmhouse
2007 Beth K. Saul, Alpha Epsilon Pi
2008 Betty A. Quick, Gamma Phi Beta
2009 Kenneth D. Tracey, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
2010 Mike Moxley, Tau Kappa Epsilon
2011 Judy Thorne, Kappa Delta
2012 Linda Ablard, Alpha Delta Pi
2013 Dr. Mari Ann Callais, Theta Phi Alpha
2014 Jay Langhammer, Delta Tau Delta
2015: David Westol, Theta Chi
2016: Wynn Smiley, Sigma Tau Gamma and Alpha Tau Omega
2017: Mark Timmes, Pi Kappa Phi
2018: William A. Martin, III, The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta


1989: Marilyn S. Ford, Pi Beta Phi

1990: Sally Cutler, Alpha Chi Omega

1991: Lisa Elliott, Zeta Tau Alpha

1992: Matt Basta, Pi Kappa Phi and Liz Bell, Alpha Xi Delta

1993: Fred F. Yoder, Sigma Chi

1994: Anthony Palmieri III, Ph.D., Kappa Psi

1995: Walter F. Jenkins, Lambda Chi Alpha

1996: Erv Johnson, Beta Theta Pi

1997: Abraham Cross, Delta Upsilon

1998: Mary Lauck-Barr, Alpha Gamma Delta

1999: W. Len Rayburn, Kappa Sigma

2000: Jim Griffith, Farmhouse

2001: Jason A. Pearce, Lambda Chi Alpha

2002: Jess C. LaNore, Alpha Kappa Psi

2003: Howard E. Obenchain, Phi Delta Theta

2004: Jean Gileno, Psi Upsilon

2005: Shanda Gray, Delta Sigma Pi

2006: Christine Barnicki, Chi Omega

2007: Allison Rickels, FarmHouse

2008: Tom Olver, Beta Theta Pi

2009: Johnny Porter, Kappa Psi

2010: Matthew DeWolf, Alpha Tau Omega

2011: Brandon Weghorst, Sigma Alpha Epsilon

2012: Steve Latour, Alpha Sigma Phi

2013: Mariellen Sasseen, Alpha Omicron Pi

2014: Jennifer M. Siler, Alpha Delta Pi

2015: Robert Umstadter, Beta Theta Pi

2016: Ashley Martin, Pi Beta

2017: Jackie Isaacson, Phi Mu

2018: Jesse S. Lyons, Kappa Alpha Order

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